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Foreign White

These distinct looking shorthaired cats are essentially solid white Siamese with no point colours on their face, tail, paws or their ears. But while the Foreign White owes much of its genetic makeup to the Siamese (particularly its striking blue eyes), some breeders insist it is less 'highly-strung' than the Siamese and possesses a much softer voice. One of their strongest assets is that they are blessed with extremely good hearing. If this cat likes you, you've made it! They can be very affectionate and equally independent if they choose to be and, like the Siamese, will devote themselves to one human master. The Foreign White is an extremely intelligent and interesting individual that will add plenty of warmth and colour to any home that takes it in. However, potential owners should be aware that the Foreign Shorthair will suffer no mistreatment and small children should be supervised around this animal until it becomes more familiar.

  • Foreign White